Drinks coasters make a wonderful personalised gift, and they are functional too!

We have a range of natural slate coasters which provide a fantastic surface to engrave onto. They offer a great blank canvas for our designers to let their creativity run away with them.

We have also developed our own unique wooden coasters. Our jigsaw range is extremely popular. The idea behind the designs was to provide individual coasters that can be joined together to create a wonderful centrepiece that is both physical and symbolic in nature. Here, we are not limited to a square shape, so anything goes. We use oak laminate which provides a strong, yet beautiful finished article.

The jigsaw range lends itself to, but is not limited to, families. They make an original gift to any group whether they are work colleagues or play a sport as part of a team. In these situations, they could be used as a thank you or to celebrate a success.

Given the flexibility of the wood, the only limit to the shape and design is imagination!

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